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Saturday, July 01, 2006
rabbit skull, shuttle launch, invisoschlong
Listening to:bird and frog symphony
Reading:GEB (it's huge!)
Weather:55, sunny
I think I need to lay off the java for a couple of weeks. I've been waking up around 3a or 4a all week, very unusual for me. And then I'm awake for an hour or two, then fall back asleep. So this morning I just stayed up and watched some half crappy movies on TV till I couldn't stand it anymore. Then I looked out my bedroom window for quite a while trying to catch a glimpse of what ever critter was making a pretty loud repetitive noise from the woods across the road. Sounded like a large bird of some sort. Then I saw a duck floating on my pond, cool. The weather was stunning, and just barely 50 degrees, so I grabbed a jacket and some shoes and headed out to sniff around the early morning environs.

The beaver pond brings something new everyday, and it's cool to watch the development of the vegetation around it and the way the water flow in slightly altered routes every day. The frog orchestra goes full tilt boogie all night long, calling back and forth up and down the creek, echoing in the woods nearby. The peeper song is over now, but some other kind of frogs make this cool rubber band kinda noise all the time.

I watched the swallows swoop around the pond, catching breakfast. I noticed the apple trees have fruit about the size of large crabapples at this point. If the beavers leave me a few apple trees I should have a nice crop this fall. I've got a bumper crop of black raspberries coming on, too, red now but soon ripe. Unfortunately the birds tend to like them slightly less ripe than I do, so I'm thinking I should get off my ass today and throw some rolled plastic screen I have over some to keep a few for myself. My blueberry bush is also having a good year, covered with green berries just starting to get purple.

After I fished out the WD40 from the garage and headed up to the kitchen porch to loosen up my loppers a bit, I took a detour around the back of the house. I lopped off a few struggling multiflora rose canes, and saw something white, about the size of a chicken egg, in the low weeds up next to the house. I reached in and pulled out a little skull.

It's extremly light weight and has big eye sockets that take up about the middle third of the length of the skull. There is a ridge of bone starting at the top front of each socket curving down and forward to a pair of beaver-like front teeth. Then the bottom of this upper jaw slopes up and back about half an inch to a row of smaller teeth. The lower jaw is missing. The sides of the snout bones are kind of webby looking.

It looks like a rodent skull, with those two front teeth. But if you look closely you can see two smaller tooth sockets just behind those two teeth, but the little teeth are missing. I googled images of raccoon skull, beaver skull, possum skull, rat skull, no luck. Then I saw a lesson plan for teachers about bone identification that explained that rabbit skulls differ from rodent skulls by having this extra set of two teeth behind the two big front teeth. Bingo. Googled some rabbit skull shots and this is definitely one.

Liv's got my camera, so you'll have to wait a couple of days for a photo.

BTW, Liv and my mom are having fun in Paris, seeing all the usual sites and eating good food and kicking it french style. They fly back to DC tomorrow and liv comes home Monday. Can't wait! I miss the little rascal, and look forward to some great photos.

I ran around Second Life for a while last night, though I was tempted to go back to town to see Gary play the blues at the Moose. Cracker Stackwell, that is. But my ass molded to the computer chair, and next thing ya know, I'm harvesting a few Lindens playing trivia. Trivia has become my third favorite pastime in SL, behind exploring cool places and chatting with my buddy Rael. Just as trivia was ending I note that Rael was on, so I IM'd him and we shot the shit for a while. He's got to work Monday, poor schmuck, but I'm taking leave time, so I'm looking at a sweet 4 day weekend, amigos! Yeah, baby, yeah.

Anyhoo, back to SL, I had gotten emails from two friends this week about their friends (actually one's wife and one's pal) going to see the Space Shuttle launch today in person. Pretty cool. Check ignition and may god's love be with you. So I think to search shuttle launch in SL and sure enough there will be a stream of it at a viewing spot in the game. Saweet, I'm so there. Hopefully I can grab some cool screenshots of my av watching the launch from in-world. Out of this world, dude.

My girly-ass Black and Decker cordless drill finally gave up the ghost. Actually, the batteries did, but the dang thing is so old and so wussy that I decided to plunk down for a new drill. I decided, after perusing selections both online and at Lowes, that I'd buy a corded drill this time. You get SO much more power, and you don't ever have to wait around for batteries to charge, and about 96% of my drilling is in or near my house anyhoo, so I 'm now the proud owner of a kickass heavy duty DeWalt drill. S'cuse me while I whip this out.

And speaking of whipping things out, earlier this week I was in SL one evening and found a live guitar performance. The guy wasn't bad, played instrumental fingerstyle versions of various pop songs, Nights in White Satin is the only one I remember. Anyway, just as it ends, Rael comes online and I teleport him in to the bar. I'm surrounded by girls with expensive flex hair and sparkly shoes and shit, all dancing and fawning over the performer in the chatline. He finishes up, comes over, all studly with his own flex hair and shit, and starts bullshitting the ladies as they all go on about how awesome he is. Like I said, he wasn't bad, but awesome, nuh uh.

So Rael and I are sitting at a table IM'ing (we're chatting but no one else in the room can see our chat, as opposed to the open room chat we can both see). So I give a little dig at mr. studmuffin in our IM and say something like, yeah he'll have about 3 of these chicks on blowjob poseballs in about 5 min. Rael says, yeah see his invisopecker? I'm like, what? He says Ctrl-Alt-T. I do it. And FOR REAL you can suddenly see various prim pieces in the room in a red glow, and you can see studboy's got a penis strapped on, also glowing red. I'm busting out with laughter! If only I had a Ctrl-Alt-T to reveal transparent items in First Life. Somebody get on that for me, K? And invent wireless electricity for me, too, while you're at it.

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rabbit skull, shuttle launch, invisoschlong