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Friday, March 02, 2001
The cathouse has become home to a most unlikely creature - a tiny puppy whom we have named Bodhi. I found him racing up and down Listravia Avenue in front of my office on Monday. He's way to little to be out in the street by himself, and a puppy is one of the things from Livi's Christmas List that she didn't yet get. So there you have it. Bodhi must be smart, as he very quickly adopted a deep respect for the feline. Kit Cat's potential for dog ass-kicking appears to be well understood after only 2 swipes of the clawed paw. It won't be long before he's bigger than she is, so it's a good lesson to learn now, I suppose. Isn't he a cutie? picture of livi with our cute little brown and black puppy Bodhipicture of bodhi's face

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