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Tuesday, March 06, 2001
I have discovered a cool site - -- Store You can purchase audio books there, but you don't buy tapes or CD's, you just download files to your computer or mobile device. They have a variety of file formats, including streaming. I think it's particularly cool because you get a book, someone reads it to you, and you don't have to dust it or pay for shipping. There are a few free things you can choose from ONLY the first time you sign up for an account, and you get your first book for $1.95 (so choose well). Books range from $2 to $30+. I chose the new Stephen King book that will be out March 20, 2001, it's like 20 hours. I think once you download a book it stays in your online library forever, so you can read it again, or get it in a different format. They have some periodical subscriptions, too, like The Wall Street Journal and a series of Robin Williams interviews. This would be an even cooler site if I had broad band access, so downloads would be super fast. They have lots of classics as well as contemporary stuff. Check it out.

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