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Monday, May 07, 2001
Yes, I am a slacker, but no, I have not ignored my weblog since March. I tried to publish and there was a glitch on the Blogger end. Anywho, spring done sprung and the yellow-green of new growth is everywhere! I have about 100 seedlings ready to be planted. Lots of flowers, some tomatoes, beans, watermelon. It will probably frost one or two more times at my house, but I might put a few plants in the ground just to get a good start if we're lucky and it doesn't freeze anymore. Cool perennials I planted last year are back - bleeding heart and purple rock cress. Of course, the echinacea is greening gangbusters. I'll post a new picture of Bodhi, the canine god of destruction, soon. He's huge and getting huger. But still cute and loyal. Softball season officially starts for Livi on Wednesday, May 9, with her first game at 7:30. Check out her grueling schedule

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