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Saturday, August 18, 2001
Slacker, indeed. It's nearly time for school to start again. Livi has Ms. McConnell for her fifth grade teacher. Should be easy enough to remember. Livi had a great summer, I think. She went to England, Scotland, and Wales with her Yia-yia (my mom). They had a blast, checking out castles and whatnot. When asked just before the trip what she wanted to do over there, livi replied "check out a cafe in Soho." And they did. She also went to the outer banks with my dad. She caught a spanish mackerel, saw a shark, a sea tortoise, a crab walking on the sidewalk, and generally had a great time. Her softball team had a brutal season, losing every game except one, which was forfeited by the other team. Counts as a W, according to livi. Anywho, they were the youngest team of the league, almost all 10 year olds in the 10-12 league. They'll be the team to beat in a couple of years, perhaps. She had a good time anyway, hit some homers, made a couple of good plays, got some free cheeseburgers (the team is McDonald's). Bodhi dug up most of my vegetable garden, but is still alive because he's so damn cute. He's looking pretty wolfie now, and is still very loyal and lovable. He likes to chase Kitkat up trees and rip up everything in his path. Perhaps I should have named him Kali. The half-dead butterfly bush I planted last fall looks awesome. The meadow is covered with Queen Anne's lace and and iron weed in bloom, the usual signal that back-to-school time is approaching. How about some pix? Here's bodhi, kitkat, our fishie, and the meadow:
picture of big Bodhipicture of kitkatpicture of our little fishiepicture of cat's groovy meadow in august

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