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Sunday, July 07, 2002
Bloggin the blog, I'm just a-bloggin the blog. Good old Aerosmith. Softball season is 'bout over, playoffs start tomorrow. It was a brutal schedule! But McDonalds did pretty well, I think they won around half their games this year. Which is infinitely more than the zero games they won last year. Joy! Livi smashed a number of doubles, got plenty of rbi's, and generally had a good time. The most fun I've had so far this summer was playing the Bass Festival in St. Mary's WV with. . .Tommy Teachout! It was so fun. Just like old times. We had a pick-up band of great guys, and I got to just sing back-ups, which is my favorite thing to do on this lovely planet. I asked Tommy, "what's the name of our band?" And he says "Tommy T and the Anglers." Hilariously, the bass player says "hell, I was thinking Tommy T and the Precisions - isn't this the Bass Festival?" (Bass-players chortle.) Remember I played mackerel on a tune on the AP album? You can tuna piano, but. . .

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