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Monday, March 31, 2003
WiFi and whatnot. . .I was surfing around reading about the new Centrino technology from Intel. It's a package that includes a new Pentium M processor and integrated wireless technology (802.11b for the geeks). It's the next wave of improvement for mobile computing, and also supposed to improve battery life by including both better batteries and less power suck. If it really works, it's a giant step forward, in my opinion, because shitty battery life has been the weakness of laptops and notebooks. And the sociological phenomenon that rose up around wireless is even more interesting, check out Warchalking. It's the modern version of hobo symbols from the Depression, letting wireless mobile netsurfers know where they can jump onto networks for free. Along with the Centrino hardware is coming Hotspots, public wireless web access for your WiFi-enabled gear. Of course Starbucks is all over that bandwagon. Personally, I prefer Panera.

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