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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Lots happening. Goodbye to the black and beautiful Zachary Beethoven, my old kitty. I got him when he was just a wee kitten in the summer of 1985 or 1986, and he has lived with my mom since 1990. He had a long and groovy life, we will miss him. But the circle of feline life brought us brand new kittens shortly after. On Tuesday, May 20, the tiny little fluffy cat we call Nougat, had five kittens. Nougat lives on our porch. She doesn't let the humans too close, though I can sneak a little petting in while I feed her if she's really hungry. Two kittens didn't survive, but three are alive and well, so far. Livi's softball season has begun. Mostly the same girls on the team, new rules, though. She's enjoying playing catcher and some outfield positions, but mostly she likes to whack the ball for a double or a triple. My bud Lynn Callihan came in from the Cincinnati area to play a gig at the Blue Moose. His new album Pondering a Thought will be out soon, and what I heard from it sounds excellent. His RV caught on fire on the way home, but Lynn the fearless grabbed the fire extinguisher, took care of business, and kept on trucking. Livi wants to go see Kiss and Aerosmith touring together this summer. Sounds like fun.

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