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Sunday, July 13, 2003
I just returned from a cool trip that led me to Flatwoods, Marlinton, Greenbank, Cass, White Sulphur Springs, Lewisburg, Seneca Rocks, Thomas, Davis, Oakland MD, Grantsville MD, and back home again. Drove through lots of thunderstorms and some hail. Saw critters including a red fox, golden eagle, some big snake crossing the road, and 4 spotted fawns. I had a most excellent chicken piccata meal at the Harvest Market and Grill in Lewisburg. Met lots of very friendly and welcoming people, including about 60 seniors at the Marlinton and Greenbank senior centers. I toured the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and saw a huge radio telescope whose dish was over 2 acres. I took a two-hour excursion on the Cass Scenic Railroad on a lovely sunny day. Spring and I went out to dinner and shot some pool, and I got to see the house she lives in in White Sulphur. I checked out the Greenbrier, even though my tie-dye tshirt and Birks did not conform to the dress code. I got to stop at the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, where my friend Frances is working. I also checked out her stuff and my friend Gail's stuff at the Mountain Made gallery there in town. Here's the route I took:

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