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Sunday, September 14, 2003
Dantheman Still Clearly The Man!
My true pal and wunderplumber proved once again that he is definitely The Man! He totally solved my white space above the tables prob for me. It appears that any spaces or character blanks in your table code can tend to create mysterious unintended line breaks in certain browsers. Who knew? Dan did.
Sad Goodbyes to Two Great American Songwriters. RIP Warren Zevon. Witty southern California songwriter, who brought us great humorous songs like Lawyers, Guns, & Money, died of cancer this week. And right behind him on the way out was Johnny Cash, the man in black. Johnny was apparently among only a few musicians who got into both the Rock&Roll and Country Halls of Fame. He won lots of grammies, including one for writing the liner notes of the classic Dylan album Nashville Skyline. Johnny was there before country and rock&roll were distinctly separate genres.
The RenFest was just great. Liv and I went with her buds Rhiannon and Donna, and Rhi's mom Carol. The weather was perfect - overcast but no rain, very comfortable for walking around all day, enjoying the scene. We saw my old roomie and bud Deb Tome, who was vending her pottery, as she did there last year. She and her husband Noah are having a baby next month! All groovy.

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Dantheman Still Clearly The Man!