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Friday, September 19, 2003
Hurricane Schmurricane
Izzy was all talk and no action in my particular corner of the planet. A little rain, a little wind, whateveh. I guess there's still today, we'll see. Seque to. . .
coolcat's pet peeves
1. When news, entertainment, and commercialism are all La Machined into a single slimey smoothie and called "news." Buy these products to protect from this wicked storm of the millenium! Fake film at 11!
2. The West Virginia/Western Pennsylvaniaism of "needs fixed, " "needs cut," etc. Hey hillbillies, it's needs TO BE fixed and needs TO BE cut. Need is a transitive verb (look it up).
3. Calling a meringue pie a cream pie. Just cuz it has peaks of white stuff on top does not make it a cream pie, especially if it's an egg white mixture that was actually baked onto the pie.
4. Another grammar thing, mixing singulars and plurals inappropriately. Let me demonstrate: "Everyone should bring their towel to the pool." It's everyONE, so it should be HIS or HER towelS, unless we are all sharing the same giant towel [yuck].
Well, enough whining, it's friday! Celebrate the beauty that is no alarm clock at 6am for the next 2 luscious days!

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Hurricane Schmurricane