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Sunday, September 07, 2003
[I need an html guru: why is there always some amount of dead white space at the top of my tables? I have tried all the align and valign tags in every spot within the table, rows, and cells, but no luck. I have read that all the common browsers imply a line break before and after every table, so I tried adding a blank table row at the top, hoping it would make the line break the size of the blank row, still no luck. Also threw in some "&nsbp" in a variety of places, futilely. Any takers?]
What a fine September day, sunny and cool. Good day to have all the windows open while I start rolling some stainblocker paint on my computer room ceiling. It looks pretty disgusting after lots of water leaked through it all over the ceiling, a long story I won't bore you with. I tried the Kilz overhead stain sealer spray, but the color doesn't quite match and it leaves a very heavy white dust all over everything in the room. So I'm switching to the roller today. The walls will have to wait for another day and another paycheck. When the water was dripping down the walls but had no place to escape through the latex paint, it looked like my walls were growing orange-sized boobs. I should have taken pictures, it was so hilarious! Fortunately I still have no floors in my computer room and living room (many more paychecks away from that), so at least I didn't ruin any hardwood or carpet. All in all very lucky, only my scanner got sacrificed, my computer and Casio keyboard survived the bath.
I harvested my second tomato, marvelous. I started seedlings but never had a good window of opportunity to plant them, so finally in August I put 3 plants in a large pot on my porch. Poor little things, I didn't think they'd be able to produce anything so late. But they have lots of little and medium-sized green tomatoes on them, so if the weather holds out a little longer, I should get some more to ripen on the vine.
Next weekend Liv and I head for the Renaissance fest near Pittsburgh, hopefully the weather will be something like this weekend. Our old bud and roomie Debbie Tome is vending pottery there, we hear, as she did last year. We had a ball there last year, though it was got and then we got soaked by a big cloudburst. Lots of groovy vendors in a wooded area in the center of the festival.

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