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Monday, October 13, 2003
Beer, No Beer, John Lennon, Columbus
What a smashing autumn it has been for me so far. The Bramwell Oktoberfest was just fantastic this year, perfect weather, delicious beer, old friends, music, and I even got chauffered down there. Early friday afternoon Liv and I met up with Gail and Bruce at the Goshen Rd exit, and began the journey south to the fest. It was a spectacular day for a drive, and it took us about 5 hours, with a short foray into Virginia by mistake. All good, we locate the Elkhorn Inn, which is not, by the way, in nearby Elkhorn, it's actually in Landgraff. But don't ask the Keystone Cops. We were less than 2 miles away, and 2 of the 3 cops in the town of Keystone (for real) had no idea where the place was. And it's right on the road that passes through both towns. Anywho, the place is extra groovy, the innkeeper is a trip, and he thrusts glasses of wine in our hands the minute we step in. We head to Bramwell, where Jesse and Carol find us!!! So wonderful to see them, I miss them so much. Food, conversation, beer, then back to the inn to crash. The next morning we all head back to Bramwell and start helping set up the beerstops and whatnot. Overcast, but the sun kept coming out periodically. A little light shower every so often, but not enough to dampen the spirits or the jackets. Many fine beers, my favorite being a sweet Scottish Ale. Smiley people cooking food, others playing music, including Todd Burge, and the Bluestone Wildcats.
We capped it all off with guitars, fiddle, mando, and conga around the campfire. On the way home the next day we stopped at Tamarack and there was a Renaissance Fest happening, and unexpected bit of coolness.
Then the following weekend my old pal and roomie Kas got married. Groovy relaxed wedding outdoors at the Fairmont Women's Club. That place is a well-kept secret. Gorgeous 100 yr old building, once an exquisite single-family home. I sang and played guitar for the ceremony. They picked such great tunes - In My Life and Blackbird by the Beatles, and God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. This was a fun no-alcohol event, even Liv had fun hanging with her old pal Alanna.
Today is a holiday from work for me. When I became director of WVSLA a few years ago, I decided it was not PC for us to take Columbus day off, but we really need a holiday in October. Samhain? Also not PC. So we celebrate John Lennon day each year on Columbus day. It's good to be king.

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Beer, No Beer, John Lennon, Columbus