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Friday, October 03, 2003
Celebrating the Hops and the Grain!
This glorious crisp fall day we head for Bramwell to my pal George's 7th Annual Oktoberfest! Last year was the first one I missed, I stupidly scheduled a gig that weekend. Never again! George is my law school buddy, and the Oktoberfest is our annual unofficial reunion. It's just wonderful, walking around the fairytale town of Bramwell, drinking handcrafted beers all weekend, cooking and eating feasts, playing music around the campfire, and catching up with old friends. It's like a fuckin Lowenbrau commercial, heh? But seriously, this particular collection of folks who get together at this event are some of the most interesting and intelligent folks I know, and no matter what the weather, this weekend is a blast for me every year.
Speaking of weather, it was a hard-frosty 25 fahrenheit this morning on my porch at 7am. My hydrangea looked like a fuzzy popsicle with powdered sugar on top. Perfect beer weather.
So I've been thinking about putting together a medley of sushi songs. Name one sushi song, you say? I'll name several: Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds, Hang on Sushi, Everyone's Gone to Eat Sushi (Now We're Alone At Last), Feelin' Sushi (The 52nd Street Bridge Song). I'm sure you can think of some, too, let me know and I'll add them to the medley.

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Celebrating the Hops and the Grain!