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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
81 in the shade

This autumn continues to be amazing. Monday I saw 81 degrees on the bank clock, and I believe it was accurate. Absolutely unreal for November. I think we had more sunshine in October than we did all summer. The trees are losing their leaves now, but the magnolia tree at my office has buds all over it. Confused.

I've got wonderful news. I just saved a bundle on my car insurance. . .Just kidding (though I actually did just get a quote for next year that is about $100 less than last year, yeah baby). Two bodacious dudes emailed me today:

1. The long lost Brett Cain. I'd been searching all over Wheeling for his 6'7" butt, to no avail. That's cuz he was in sunny southern California, amazing the locals with his funky hillbilly soul. New website

2. My sweet and lovable old duo partner Tommy Teachout finally had a baby!!! Jacob Matthew Teachout. What a lucky little boy to have Tommy and Cherrie for parents. Welcome to earth, little dude!

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81 in the shade