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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
dirty knees, look at these

Lovely rainy day today. I worked from home for a while ( is the bomb, I even sent some docs to Jolene's printer by pushing a button here in beautiful downfreakintown Gladesville), then played some music at the old mall. It was the Senior Expo. Bluesman Ed Cabell was supposed play before me, he didn't make the scene, so I started early and ended late. It was pretty cool, two of my pals from RDVIC were there, I dedicated Independence Day to them. Then Liv got picked up by her pal's mom, and they headed off to see Brother Bear at the new mall. Meanwhile, Dave Sweitzer and I grooved on the mega Chinese buffet. Yum.

The web, like TV, is filled with senseless drivel and I can't stop looking at it (them). But if you're looking for a chuckle, check out Engrish (unless you are too PC for that). Yeah, it's just what you're thinking.

Jason Mraz is coming to the famed Mountainlair next week. A mere $22 and a local trip, I'm pretty much there. Liv wants to go, too. Then Bruce Cockburn in the strip district a week from Saturday. I need babysitter action for that, yo.

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dirty knees, look at these