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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
McNews for the illiterate
Ever read Slashdot? I subscribe to their RSS feed on Bloglines. Today they blurb a site that is merely images from current news, no actual news or text. Here's what Allen Varney had to say about it, which I found significantly more informative and entertaining than the site itself: Like Ozymandias in WATCHMEN (Score:5, Interesting) by Allen Varney (449382) on Tuesday November 18, @02:58AM (#7500493) ( | Last Journal: Friday July 18, @09:53PM) Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created a superhero, Ozymandias, in their 1985 graphic novel WATCHMEN. He had a huge wall of TV screens that showed the whole world's channels, each screen switching randomly every few seconds. Being incredibly intelligent, he could divine the state of the world through these Burroughsian blipvert glimpses, like a prophet reading entrails. This page reminded me of Ozymandias.

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McNews for the illiterate