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Friday, November 14, 2003
Who brought the cat? Would Margaret Atwood?

A little Moxy Fruvous nostalgia there, a quote from My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors. An amusing little gem of a song.

I'm reading a totally excellent book by Margaret Atwood called Oryx and Crake. It's chock full of genetic engineering, the doctrine of unintended consequences, bioethics, human relationship stuff, and dystopic zoology. I think some call this genre "speculative fiction," it's kinda science fictiony ina way. Kickass, I highly recommend it. It's smart, dark, witty, and 3 dimensional. Here's her own website

TGIfreakinF, i say. Liv is staying with a pal, and I'm looking way forward to spending a little quality time with cat. But for now, I'm off to spend a little quality time with my righteous pals, Dan, Ed, and James. It's beer-thirty, l8r.

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Who brought the cat? Would Margaret Atwood?