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Monday, December 15, 2003
Free PC Diagnostics & let it snow
I'm just hoping this site doesn't nuke ya with spyware and shit, but took a leap and let it run a bunch of tests on my PC. It's called PC Pitstop. It was pretty cool, gave lots of detailed info, autofixes and manual fixes for redflagged (security issues) and yellowflagged (like too many fonts, etc) shit. I'm running AdAware periodically (also a freebie), so I'm hoping if I nuked myself, I can quarantine it with AdAware. But be careful with AdAware, I definitely got a little zap happy and screwed up some java stuff like Yahoo games. But I got it fixed, so no harm there.

First snowday of the school year, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaaa! Liv and I busted butt moving snow off my 100+ foot driveway, that kinda sucked. Especially after the plow pushed a bunch of ice and packed snow across the driveway at the bottom. But it's all good now, and it's supposed to go up to the high 40's manana.

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Free PC Diagnostics & let it snow