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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Hot dog, it made it over 20 degrees

Dude, it's cold. It was like 12 last night. It's been struggling to get over 20 today, and it's nearly noon. Well, the solstic is less than 3 weeks away, so I suppose a little cold weather is appropriate now, isn't it?

Time for a new computer. My power source has been whining for months, sounds like a bad bearing or something. Occasionally I have to kickstart the fan. Not good. It's an old PIII running Win98SE. I need XP and some more processor balls for the stuff I want to do with my video camera anyway. I actually ordered a Dell, and they sent me the wrong shit. Their customer service also sucked a lot, so I sent the thing back, those bozos. Ed is going to help me buy a new motherboard, processor, kickass audio and video cards, firewire, and XP, and we'll just put all that in this box. I don't need new drives, mouse, keyboard, USB ports, ethernet card, etc. so we should be able to do it well within my budget. The only downside is I was looking forward to trying Aloha Bob to move my applications (as well as data) from old puter to new. There's plenty I'd like to wipe on this harddrive, but plenty of app's and their settings I'd like to keep, so we'll see how that will shape up.

Liv had strep throat, and I've had some coughing spewge for a few weeks, but I'm thinking I'll be back at work tomorrow. Fortunately my schedule was pretty open, so it was a good time to take off anyway. tally ho!

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Hot dog, it made it over 20 degrees