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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
23 skidoo
I'm working at home today, not feeling too bad but definitely at the beginning of some kind of virus I want to quarantine. My pal Ed is going to be on HGTV! He bought a hundred-yr-old schoolhouse and freakin lives in it. It's all kinds of cool. In the teeny tiny world in which we live, I actually heard about him and the school when he first bought it, years before I ever met him or knew where it was. It was incidental info that came my way via a guy I was having a torrid email romance with years ago. All these ones and zeroes keep recycling themselves, just connect the dots.

Banished words list 2004 I love this thing, how come its existence has remained unknown to me all these years? This year's list includes bling-bling, LOL, smoking gun. I couldn't agree more. Last year we had black ice, branding, and "it's a good thing." Years previous have included such classics as no-brainer, edgy, 24/7, thinking outside the box, chad, my bad, outsourcing, done deal, and my personal favorite nuk-u-lar (if you can't pronounce nuclear, please don't pretend you can be leader of the so-called free freakin world, k?).

I'm outtie (a good one for next year's list?)

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23 skidoo