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Saturday, January 31, 2004
A Brisk 3 Below
And it's snowing lightly. This has been the winter for snowing while the sun is shining. The yard is starting to look like last winter, too, where there was basically 1 to 3 feet of snow in the yard for about 3 months. My wonderful neighbor came out with the loader last night and cleared my driveway, so I should be able to get out of here today. I got out on Thursday after another neighbor came with the big tractor.

I e-filed my taxes, so I'm expecting my refund very soon. Yeah, I know I'm letting the gov't make interest on my money for a year, but interest rates suck, and it's a good savings plan for me. I'm hopefully going to look at a car today. I've been trying to get out to see it for weeks, the weather has hindered me. It's a 2000 4-door 5-speed Civic DX, exactly what I've been looking for. 27,000 miles on it.

I'm reading Ender's Game, a scifi novel by O S Card. I'm really digging it. Like Oryx and Crake, it's about the unintended shitty consequences of human manipulation. This one has a bit of a Harry Potter smell, most scenes take place in a school for extraordinary children. So far, I give a thumbs up (I'm about 3/4 through it).

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A Brisk 3 Below