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Sunday, January 11, 2004
An Interesting Solution
Dig it, Magnatune is a record label of a different color. Cool taglines on their website include "Magnatunes, the open music label," "Internet music without the guilt," and "we are not evil." Their artists make albums available in their entirety as .mp3's, and you get to listen first to see if you like it. Then you can choose your price (between $5 and $18, $8 suggested), and 50% goes to the artist. You can also license tunes (for use in your video, movie, radio or TV ad, etc.) through the site at fixed rates, no negotiations, easy, breezy, cheezy. And the artists keep the rights to all their music. Sounds good to me. Literally. I'm grooving hard on Chris Juergensen, a jazz guitarist on the label.

The downside: it's freakin .mp3, a (very) lossy codec. My Bose speakers turn their coney noses up at such a low-rent format. For that reason, I'm considering buying this album for about $6. I'd pay twice that for all the 1's and 0's I'd get on a CD. Yes, I know that even a CD is lossy, in the sense that it's basically a sample collection from a master that is almost always recorded at a higher bitrate. But .mp3 is not even close, people.

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An Interesting Solution