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Saturday, February 21, 2004
black hole eats half a star. that sucks. heh heh
Listening to:NPR Weekend Edition
Reading:still Eragon
Weather:it's freakin snowing!
A'ight, yesterday is was in the 60's, sunny, generally luscious, and we were all looking for excuses to go outside. This morning, it's bloody snowing and 35. Your god is cruel and wicked, bitches.

I had the absolutely lovely experience last night of hanging with friends at the Blue Moose, listening to the ripping Kevin Frieson quartet. And the cherry on top was the sweet and wonderful Sean Haleem on vibes. Sean and Tracey Whorton and I all went to college together, and it was warm and fuzzy to be hanging out with them down on Walnut street last night.

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black hole eats half a star. that sucks. heh heh