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Saturday, February 28, 2004
First Robin of Spring
Listening to:NPR Weekend Edition
Reading:Neuromancer by William Gibson
Weather:sunny, 26
I told ya the groundhog was wrong! I saw my first robin of this spring in my yard 5 minutes ago, just outside the window above my kitchen sink. It's my reward for washing dishes. Actually, I saw a pair of eastern bluebirds out that window on Tuesday, another harbinger of spring. Now I'm not saying no more snow, I'm just saying no more feet of snow that lingers for weeks. A little more snow is good, I haven't planted my peas yet (maybe tomorrow if it gets to the predicted 60+).

I can't take much more of the national politix, Calgon, take me away. It's about to send me into deep retreat.

Of course Jonatha Brooke, a cool singer/songwriter and great guitar player, it playing at Club Cafe the night before the giant women's march in DC that I'm considering going to. The NORML conf is at the shi shi Crowne Plaza the Thurs/Fri/Sat before that, so I was thinking of schnagging liv out of school, skipping work, and heading east to enjoy both DC events. It would be way cheaper and easier to prioritize Jonatha, but both the march and conf would likely be a huge groovy blast to do, and not to costly because we can stay with my mom in Alexandria. Plus, liv would probably really enjoy and benefit from the DC stuff. Dilemma.

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First Robin of Spring