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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Happy Leap Day
Listening to:Shawn Colvin, A Few Small Repairs
Reading:Design for Nondesigners
Weather:58, partly cloudy, breezy
Liv and her pal Ava and I built a fire last night and made s'mores. Today we are chilling. It's good to be cat.

I downloaded a 30 day version of OrangeCD Catalog to catalog my cd collection. It costs less than $40, I think, and I might buy it. It's pretty cool. It connects to a music database called freedb. You can put the CD in your drive and have freedb look it up (like most of the players do now), or you can type in artist name, or album name, or track name, and choose from all the things that come up. I've been typing in artist, and most of my albums are there, track times and everything. You can add cover shots, too, which I've been lifting from the internet easily enough (a few words in Google Image search, right-click copy, paste into orangeCD). I catalogued about half my CD's (209) in about 4 hours over the past two days. It's been kinda fun. The program can also make a variety of cool webpages with navigation from your collection. If I buy it, I'll probably add the resulting site to my website for all to see.

I'm outta here, headed for fresh air!

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Happy Leap Day