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Sunday, February 29, 2004
How about a leap day story? One of the guys I dated back when I was a teenager was born on leap day. He was 4 years old when we dated, I guess I was quite the cradle robber. He actually celebrated his birthday in September or something crazy like that. I can't remember his name, but he was really cute, long black hair, goatee, always in very worn Levi's. He had to go to juvey or reform school or something while we were dating, in Natural Bridge, VA. He used to write me letters with all kinds of very cool drawings on the envelopes. Ever noticed that a lot of guys in jail can really draw, or is it that a lot of guys who can really draw end up in jail? Anywho, happy birthday, dude, hope you're having a good one on the outside somewhere.

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We are trying to locate this reform school. My friend attended it in 19 59 or 60. Please tell more about your experience we are trying to go back there and can't find anything on it.
We are trying to find this place. My friend attended the academy after some problems while he was a teenager. Please post a comment if you know of the location of this place. I know it was in Natural Bridge.
Very interesting comments that other folks are looking for info on that juvey. I just flipped through some old letters I've always kept and found 2 letters from this adorable guy. His name was Robert Newman aka Moondog. One of the letters is in a pre-printed envelope with the return address: "Natural Bridge Learning Center," Natural Bridge Station, Virginia 24579. The letters are postmarked 1982.
Thanks, I finally located the website when I typed in the website. This is not the same guy you knew. He is from Louisiana.

We kind of started planning a trip as a way of me getting him to open up and we started talking. He still has a lot anger and has had difficulties with relationships and still has a chip on his shoulders...I think we might knock it off or maybe not...anyway, check it out, it is in a gorgeous location.

Maybe by replacing the memory with a good memory he will see how blessed he was to have lived in this beautiful part of the country.

His father had just died and he lashed out at the world...

Guess what I found out...Charles Manson went there!!!!!it was one of the many places he escaped from...follow the is too they said back in the 60's...

God Bless you and thanks again...
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