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Sunday, February 08, 2004
Take a ch ch ch chance
Listening to:Michael McDonald Motown
Reading:Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Weather:sunny, 24
Tomorrow is liv's 13th birthday! She's an amazing person, I hope we can stand each other for the next few years. It's a teen thing. I need a fairy godmother, or she does, or both.

I'm ready for some longer daylight, I'm a crispy fried fritter these days at work. I guess that happens after 7 years. I know too many people who are very bitter and negative about aspects of their jobs, and I'll be asking you if you want fries with that before I let it get that ugly. I need a little inspiration.

My 20 year highschool reunion is coming up. Did you go to yours? There were about 750 people in my class, hell I can't even remember 5% of them. But I'm thinking about going, just to see the few I do remember.

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Take a ch ch ch chance