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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Listening to:my LOUD power supply fan
Reading:still Eragon, did I tell you I finished Ender's Game?
Weather:22, cloudy
America has gone Atkins crazy. Even Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) is doing it. I think it's another dairy/beef industry conspiracy, like the one where they convinced all school systems (and most parents) that little children can't survive without consuming vast quantities of cow's milk daily. How would you like it if some other animals starting harvesting human milk for their kids? It's twisted, people, it's just not right. Occasionally animals do feed their milk to other animals' BABIES, but milk is actually FOR BABIES. Try a freakin carrot. Saute it with some rosemary, and you'll be wondering why you don't eat more vegetables. Seriously. Dude, they feed cows cows, and then wonder why they get weird. It's all wrong.

There's a cello recital tonight at a church in Fairmont, I'm thinking it would be cool to go. I can't seem to find out what's on the program, but I might call about tix and ask.

Tomorrow is a holiday, I'm getting paid to not work! It's one of the truly fucking excellent things about amerika. Liv and I haven't been to Pittsburgh in a while, perhaps we'll head up and go to the luscious eyecandy buffet that is Phipps Conservatory. Then a little IKEA action (I got my tax refund, amerikan wage slave perk #2), some Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, shop till we drop. But maybe the Strip District instead of the mall-y stuff. Speaking of which,

I heard the terrible news that the Rosebud closed down. That sucks royale. I really love the Rosebud. It's been my favorite Pittsburgh music venue since the Graffiti shut down a few years ago. I've seen some wonderful shows at the Rosebud, most recently a stunning Bruce Cockburn show. Ya get there early, go to Primanti Brothers for a phat sandwich and a couple of Yeunglings, then talk a little doobie walk up that funky industrial made mod Strip, and head into the Rosebud to hopefully grab a couch spot for the show. Son of a bitch, why didn't I do that more often? Infamous last words. Don't postpone joy (unless I haven't had my joy yet). :)

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