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Friday, February 13, 2004
Listening to:NPR
Reading:still Eragon
Weather:23, partly sunny
My 20th highschool reunion has prompted me and some of my classmates to try to reconnect. It's very cool! I got an email today from a long lost classmate, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about how he's turned out. There's just something cool about the passage of time, it's that silver and gold thing.

TGIF, I say! Beer tonight at Archie's. Then later I'm sitting in on bass with Daria's trio. Promises to be a nice ending to the week. One thing the idle rich can't get that rocks that we working-class slobs get to fully groove on - the concept of Friday. Fuck, yeah.

The 7 day weather forecast indicates that this yard full of snow might be significantly melted by this time next week. Time to plant onions, and soon peas! I saw an indigo bunting on Sunday, so I'm thinking the groundhog was dead wrong. I'm going with this theory. Though I did have to have some fuel delivered this week, it's been a fuel-sucking winter. That's OK, it's good to keep your tank full all summer, reduce condensation. It's just unfortunate that the price is double in February what it will be in June. Money schmoney, I say.

National presidential politics is annoying me, so let's not discuss it.

Big women's march in DC, right after the NORML conference, which is also in DC. I smell roadtrip! Tally ho.

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