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Monday, March 22, 2004
10 hawks and 3 gigahertz
Listening to:my new silent puter
Reading:still Speaker, and it's getting good
Weather:20, no stars
Dude! You got a HP! I drove to Charleston today for a meeting, can't tell you about what or I'd have to kill ya. On my way home I stop at Circuit City (drooling). I plunk down a pile of credit card and buy me a spanky new HP pavilion a450n. That would be P4 3gighertz with hyperthreading, 512 DDR ram, slots for all the solid state storage media, firewire, USB's in the front and the back, ditto with the audio ins and outs, DVD writer, yada yada yada. And it's so freakin quiet I can't hear it. Major improvment from my old box, which you had to yell over. Plus I think the video controller on the mother board was shot, suddenly I couldn't get more than 16 colors, reinstalled video drivers repeatedly, uninstalled and reinstalled the card, which appeared, bla bla bla. So now I buy a new motherboard, processor, power supply for that box and let liv have it at her dad's. Oh, and I stole the network card out of it for this one.

I saw 10 hawks today along 79. No joke. Quite a record. I see at least one maybe two or three every trip, I basically spend the drive looking for them. Like sentinels every 20 miles or so, I saw them sitting in trees today. I also saw a turkey roosting. And several geese. A shitload of deer. And a silver jaguar. Heh heh, the car.

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10 hawks and 3 gigahertz