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Friday, March 12, 2004
the jailcell decor jokes are just writing themselves
Listening to:Long Train Running from Best of Doobies Vol I
Reading:still Speaker for the Dead
Weather:24, partly cloudy
I heard a rumor that Martha Stewart might be heading for a little correctional stint at Alderson prison here in WV. I'm feeling special. Maybe she can help Squeaky, heaven knows that girl needs a makeover. Full body cavity search, it's a good thing? Seriously, sucks to be Martha, I figure. Even if it's the Park Hotel, the door goes CLANG when they shut it.

Next track Takin It To the Streets. What a great song.

Tonight beer with my buds, tomorrow night Andrew McKnight at the coffeehouse at Monroe's in Kingwood. I might drag my ass to a CLE tomorrow morning from 9 to noon, because I need a couple more ethics credits before we have to report in June. And this is a freebie. Well, free as in no cash required, you have to donate pro bono hours instead.

I want to go back to school. I need a sugar daddy, I'm become hopelessly addicted to things like paying my mortgage, electricity, driving a car, etc. But wouldn't it be fun to get an MSW? Or something. I'm crispy in my job, time to shake it up a little.

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the jailcell decor jokes are just writing themselves