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Saturday, March 06, 2004
Kids, Dogs, and Guys in Clogs
Listening to:NPR Weekend Edition
Reading:Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
Weather:Overcast, 55
Yesterday was a rather remarkable Friday. It was damn near 80 degrees, if not actually 80, and still only the first week of March. It was too nice not to be outside, and too hot to stay in the office, so I took a 3 hour lunch with Daria at the Blue Moose. We both had the veggie gyros and salad, quite delicious. Chris Stewart stopped in to take a break from his sweaty bike ride, so we 3 sat and chatted. It was nice. Then I made my way back to the office, got some good work done, then headed over to Robert and Leslie's.

Robert and Leslie are Gail's neighbors who just had a baby, Benjamin. So cute. We had a great supper together, Gail grilled kebobs with quinoa and dilled cukes. We ate out on the porch, I drank a few Coronas. Robert is producing a concert at the Met theatre to benefit several local citizen environmental organizations, it's called the Mon-Earth Benefit Concert. His original motivation was to support the opposition to the Longview power plant, but the Met people preferred to avoid controversy, so a broad-based enviro mission seemed like an easier way to get started. Hopefully it will become a big annual event. He's having 4 acts from the folk circuit. It's on April 21st, a wednesday.

Check out this cool cat that was coming around my house a few weeks ago. (I made this with Photoshop 6 from a photograph I took.) He and his long-haired orange buddy were sniffing around Nougat, the fluffy stray who has lived on my porch for over a year. Nougat appeared as a tiny wild kitten, and wouldn't come in the house or get near us, but it was so cold and snowy, I fed her on my porch. She had a litter of kittens last spring. The 2 survivors went to my mom. Now it's time for Nougat to either visit Dr. Snippy, or move to Larry's wild kitty haven, where kittens are a good thing.

So anyway, back to yesterday. After dinner Gail and I went to the Black Bear to see Lowdown. Humorously, we weren't really sure who they were, but somebody in the band whom I can't remember told me about the gig and I put it in my calendar some time ago. Well, it was only 9ish, and usually bands do an acoustic set first, then full band at 10. There was only one acoustic guitar player singing when we arrived. He was pretty good, fingerstyle blues with a grass flavor. But it was noisy and somehow not cool, so we split. Back to Leftover, we headed to the Friday Night Jam Gang's get together at Jay's house.

We kinda crashed, I didn't know anybody there, but we've both both on this listserv for a while, and the invite seemed like an open one. Gail actually knew the host and several of the pickers. OK, I actually peripherally knew a few of the folks, but they were mostly kind strangers to me. It was interesting, hence the title of this post. Nice covered porch for smokers and physics grad students, complete with an old wooden school desk where I was invited to carve my name. Which I, of course, did. Tiny little living room crammed with a variety of pickers, mosty guitars, a couple of mandos, a banjo. The musical fare was mostly of the jam-along 3 chord variety, with a nice flow of people passing the lead. One drunken woman asked me for some heroin, that was novel. All in all a lovely scene, but I was shagged from the long week, and headed home just before I became a pumpkin.

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Kids, Dogs, and Guys in Clogs