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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Midnight at the Oasis and one-nighters
Listening to:NPR Weekend Edition
Reading:still Speaker
Weather:34, sunny
I watched the wonderful film Lost in Translation last night. Bill Murray's character Bob has a one-nighter with a lounge singer. In she shower she's singing Midnight at the Oasis. I had to laugh.

15 years ago (almost), May 15th, 1989, I met Larry, Olivia's dad. My duo partner Tommy T and I played a show at Philip Barbour highschool, where Larry was a teacher. That night we stayed with Mark, the band director. Larry came over to party with us, which we did till the wee hours. Larry and I hooked up, and slept in the living room for a few hours. But it's a school night, so both Mark and Larry have to get up early and go to work. Larry and I wake up to Mark in the shower singing Midnight at the Oasis at the top of his still-drunk lungs. He flies out of the bathroom like Groucho Marx saying "who's up for a breakfast bonghit?"

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Midnight at the Oasis and one-nighters