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Monday, March 15, 2004
My CD Collection
Listening to:Champagne Jam by Atlanta Rhythm Section
Reading:still Speaker
Weather:53, sunny
I used this cool software to catalog my CD's. Check out the website it exported for me. I need to figure out how to change the template before it exports the site, it's a very drab template. But check out all the navigation and track info and whatnot. It's hard to say how long it took to input the data, I spent a good 4 hours on it the first weekend, and I've spent 20 minutes here and there since then to finish it up. I used a combination of downloading from the freedb database, and inserting CD's into the drive and letting the program pull the info out for me. I got lazy on finding the cover art on the compilations. Also, the genres and categories are not my choices, I generally left whatever was in the database, if anything, and didn't even pay attention to what it said, usually.

Damn, this ARS greatest hits is a great album. I never had any of their albums before, I just bought this one from an Amazon partner for something like 8 bucks including shipping. I can see why people run their credit cards up bad on the net, it's hard to say no to incredibly cheap CD prices like that. This one was brand spanky ass new, too.

Liv's having her belated birthday party this weekend. She postponed it because she wanted to be out of the threat of tons of snow, sounds like the joke's on her. It's supposed to snow tomorrow morning up to 6 inches here in P County. Oh, the irony.

I've been tempted to wear a Tshirt saying "I make $41,000 a year" lately. All over the news has been the Wyoming County senior center director who makes an obscene $301,000 a year. He is director of both the county senior program and a homecare agency, both of which are funded almost exclusively with government grants. In case you were wondering, Wyoming county is one of WV's most rural and most poverty-stricken areas. Even a for-profit CEO in Wyo county who made that much would seem quite greedy, but this is outrageous. His homecare workers probably make $6 an hour. And they clean up actual shit. Unreal.

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My CD Collection