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Thursday, March 18, 2004
my enigmatic Boy George connection
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Liv slept 14 hours last night, I let her skip school, and she slept some more. Hopefully her sleeping body is kicking some pathogen ass or something. Anywho, we're lying on the bed watching whatever morning show crap is on, and it's The View. Don't get me started. But I digress, sorta. Boy George is a guest on the show. They show a clip from Barbwa's 15 yr old interview with him in his heyday (yo, fashion police, exhibit A), and then she asks him an updated version of the same question: So who'd ya rather do, J Ho or Ben Affleck? And he's like, why do I get those two for choices? and then. . .

he says, and I paraphrase, know who I think is a mad hottie? Dermot Mulroney. I'm like GET THE FUCK OUT! Dermot, for those who don't know, is a hollywood actor in a shitload of film including My Best Friend's Wedding, Young Guns, Thing Called Love, About Schmidt, etc. He's also a cello player who grew up in Alexandria VA near me. We knew each other from competitions and we also studied with the same teacher, Loren Stephenson from the Nat'l Symphony. He also went to summer camp at WVU the same summers I did.

True story: The last night of camp, my roommate had already gone home. My next door neighbor (we stayed at Towers) was Becky somebody, a redhead. I didn't have an alarm clock, and her roommate was also gone, so I crashed in her room. I go to sleep and get awoken moments later when Dermot comes out of the closet (so to speak), and says "go back to sleep, K?" Right. So I try to go back to sleep while he and Becky are getting it on in the bed about 6 feet away. Then click click, lights come on, "this is a basic roomcheck" says the evil whoever, and Dermot says "this is a basic bust." He gets dressed and is escorted out of the room.

Now wouldn't that have been a better story if Becky had been Boy George? or Girl Becky?

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my enigmatic Boy George connection