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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
5 yr anniversary of Columbine
Listening to:IGY by Donald Fagen
Reading:Shadow of the Hegemon
Weather:54, sunny!
It's scary to have a kid in school, still. Why did Eric and Dylan want to massacre? Why did the 9/11 muslims want to massacre? You've got to be pretty seriously pissed off at somebody to want to do that kind of stuff. I'm sure the corporations are happy that we decided to spend all our responsive energy in buying more stuff to create barriers of security between us and the scary people. But the scary people are us, too. Instead of being scared of everyone who doesn't look like us, I wish we could focus on figuring out why people hate. Solve that, no more Columbine, no more 9/11, no more gates and fences, and we can buy guitars insteads of deadbolts.

And it's 4/20! Yee ha. Around 4:20 I would like to be at the corner of Pleasant and High. But I'll be working. :( But at least I have a good job, and I"ll be getting paid to enjoy the day at Jackson's Mill with hundreds of seniors, hanging out in the sunshine. I'm doing a couple of presentations on avoiding the dangers of debt consolidation.

Here is a photo of one of the three hanging baskets I planted this weekend, and a bluebird that was looking for a place to nest in my yard about a month ago.

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5 yr anniversary of Columbine