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Thursday, April 15, 2004
It's one for you 19 for me
Listening to:birdies singing
Reading:Shadow of the Hegemon
Weather:26, sunny
When was the last time it spit snow in the air the day before tax day? What is "yesterday," Alex? 1000 points for cat. Dang, it's cold. But it'll be sunny and warm 'fore ya know it. It's my mission to hit the swimming hole twice as often this summer as last. I think I only went about 4 times last year, sad.

I was in Charleston Monday for a meeting, stayed the night, and then to Point Pleasant on Tuesday. Dang, it was torrential. I had to take an alternate route home from Point Pleasant because the road I came in on was halfway under water at noon, and totally under water when I left at 4:15. There were wrecks o'plenty Monday on the roads I would take the next day, 64 and 35. I don't mind driving, but that was a white-knuckler. I stopped in Institute at Tudor's for a greasy late breakfast, and wasn't looking forward to getting back in the car.

But the 3.5 hour ride home was at least mae bearable by the great book I'm reading. I really like the author, O. S. Card. Cool characters and very interesting stories. I bought a copy of Ender's Game at Taylor Books for liv.

I finally got around to making some movies with my computer toys. I have one VHS tape full of footage I took with the old Hi 8 (which is a dead soldier, unfortunately, so I can't take anything else off those old tapes without borrowing some gear). It's all when Liv was a little baby, mostly around 4 months old. I made a few short movies, one with her and Snow and Spring, one of us camping with friends at the Jupiter Holler party in Lewis County, one of Lar and I carrying her around the garden and feeding the chickens and whatnot. I used the Arcsoft program that came bundled on my machine, it's easy enough and pretty flexible. Here's one such masterpiece. Spring was about 10 years old in this one. Is the audio too loud? I need to learn about mastering the audio track on video.

I blew off work yesterday, Liv claimed to be feeling lousy. She probably just needed a day, next week is standardized testing. I need one myself, so I missed the Law Institute meeting (the landlord/tenant reform or at least redrafting group). Lucky me. Hopefully that was the last meeting. Strange experience.

Tomorrow is an NLG meeting, a training on being a legal observer, followed by shindig and hootenanny chez Bob Bastress. Should be fun, I hope some people come.

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It's one for you 19 for me