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Monday, April 26, 2004
Liberal Media, My Ass
Listening to:Chestnut Mare, the Byrds
Reading:Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson
Weather:52, rainy
Not even close. Like my friend Dave said, the media is owned by big corporations out to make big money, what on earth would make them promote liberalism? This morning on Good Morning America the 1 sentence about the women's march was pathetic, and bogus. Something like "hundreds of thousands march for reproductive issues, and there was a smaller group of pro-life demonstrators." I was actually there, and I didn't see more than 30 or 40 counterdemonstrators at the most!!! There was ONE guy with a bible actually on the mall spewing his bullshit about sheep, and there was a group of 30 or 40 at the very most on one of the streets the march went down, quietly carrying signs. And I heard on the police radios talk that they did not have a permit, so they were going to be disbanded by the cops.

Fair and balanced reporting does not mean that you give equal time or consideration to the handful of jesus freaks at a march of million people from every state in the country. That is absolutely bullshit. "Reproductive issues" is a pretty watered-down name for it, too. It was a Pro-Choice rally, about Reproductive Justice. Assholes.

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Liberal Media, My Ass