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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Redbud and Lilac
Listening to:nothing
Reading:finished Shadow, it was great
Weather:mild and sunny
I'm at my mom's. The drive down yesterday rather sucked because of the wicked rains, but the redbud is blooming and there are entire mountainsides covered with it, totally awesome. Liv was sleeping and I was listening to a bonus 70+ mix on my PDA (plugged into my car stereo). Midnight Train to Georgia, Galileo, Black Water, Let's Get It On, Rocket Launcher, Midnight at the Oasis, etc. It was pretty sweet, all in all.

Tomorrow is the big women's march. We're going with mom, her brother Sam and his wife Eileen, and bunch of other wild ones. The weather is supposed to be nice, high in the 60's, no rain. We'll metro in from Huntington.

Tally freakin ho!

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Redbud and Lilac