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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Reproductive Justice march
Listening to:Air America Radio
Reading:? maybe Snow Crash
Weather:63, partly sunny
Liv and I just got home from the big marchy march. It was mostly pretty groovy. I shot some video, I'm hoping I got enough decent stuff to make a little film. It was a particularly tame march, from where we were (B30). There are nice big screens all the way back the mall, so you can see the speaker even from the peanut gallery where we were (damn near the Capitol end). But the loudspeakers were not working near us at all, so we spent several hours just hanging around our assigned spot, not able to hear what was happening on the stage. That kinda sucked. But we mostly had fun anyway, and I 'neaked over to the West Virginia spot (close by, it was alphabetical by state), and saw a few folks I knew.

Saw some bodacious shirts and signs. Wax Bush! Anarchists for Free Sex and Cheap Abortions, This is What A Poor Feminist Looks Like, Use the F Word, etc. The weather rocked, too, mostly overcast, a little sun but not too hot, no rain. We metro'd in and out, that's always fun for me. Saw the SWP'er still selling the Militant, a comforting long-time status quo. The crowd was pretty straight-looking, middle class, white, the occasional old hippie, the occasional young dreadie, plenty of Kmart shoppers, and Volvo drivers. A few churchie groups actually pro-choicing it, and a wee bit of counterdemo, but not much there at all.

An Air America guest is saying that Planned Parenthood estimates 1.5 million. That's a shitload.

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Reproductive Justice march