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Friday, April 09, 2004
Resurrection is Pagan
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In case you forgot, here's a little history of Easter: Long before the christians started plundering in the name of their savior, the pagans of this planet were celebrating Eostre/Astarte/Ishtar/Ostara. These are the goddesses of spring from Norse, Saxon, Phoenician and other communities around the world. The resurrection of the flora and fertility of the fawna after the death of the winter was celebrated every spring in the names of these deities. You know, eggs, bunnies, all that was about fertility. Also, Mithra and gods of the sun were considered reborn as the days start to get longer, and the sun rides continually higher in the sky.

It's beer friday! Yeee ha. This month we try Prime Thyme for something different. Later I may head to my pal James' who is hosting some role-playing gaming. He lives down the road a-piece, in an old school house.

Things are falling into place nicely at work regarding my efforts at outreach to the hinterlands. With about one day's work on contacting homemaker agencies and senior employment programs, I booked 2 multi-county trainings in my target areas and they are paying my expenses. Yeah, bud. More to come, I'm sure.

No more Bush!

I've got lots of flower seeds started, many germinated in one day. Took me 4 stores to find those damn little peat nuggets that fit into my starter trays. I was quite determined not to buy the trays again, I already have plenty, and plastic is my nemesis. So after SprawlMart, Sam's Club, and K-mart failed to satisfy, I headed to Lowe's and got exactly what I wanted. And my poinsettias are still looking stellar. I'd show you a picture, but of course Olivia used up every camera battery and didn't charge any of them because her current mission in life is to be a giant pain in my ass. Mission accomplished. Needless to say I'm not celebrating fertility today!!!

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Resurrection is Pagan