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Sunday, April 04, 2004
spring forward in the snow
Listening to:my fridge whine
Reading:finished Speaker! What next?
Weather:31, snow
It's 7:11 but it feels like 6:11 cuz of the daylight savings shift. And surprise surprise, there's a little over an inch of snow on the ground and even the road, and the trees are nicely covered.

Liv and I went to see the new Kevin Smith movie Jersey Girl yesterday at the mall. It was pretty damn good, I'd say. I hadn't heard any good reviews of it. It's definitely quite a departure from the dick and fart jokes of his previous Miramax films, though it does star Ben Affleck. A little bit o'JLo at the beginning, but Liv Tyler is the main chiquita bonita. It's a sentimental film, definitely begotten from Kev's becoming a father. I liked the music, though the technique of dialogue crescendo to a poignant moment - macro shot - fade up meaningful song, was a little overused, and a wee bit heavy on the cheese. But the cheese factor was amply counterbalanced by the signature Kev witty dialogue. George Carlin is fantastic, love that guy. And the little JLo-lookalike daughter is great, too. But the burning question, is there a Smith cameo? Guy who sat near us said he thought he saw Kevin in a scene in the video store, I didn't notice. Have to see it again. But no worries, I'm sure as soon as it's out on DVD Olivia will make me watch it dozens of times, like the rest of the Kevin Smith movies.

My pal Dantheman is back from his diving trip, can't wait to see the pictures. I believe this is beer week for us, so that'll be my chance. I'm kinda sick of Archie's, I vote for Rio Grande this week!

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spring forward in the snow