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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Thunder Snow Storm!
Listening to:Jazzman, Carole King
Reading:SNow Crash
Weather:34, sunny
So crazy, yesterday afternoon it started getting very dark out my office window. Then I heard thunder, then it started pouring snow! For about 5 or 10 minutes it snowed madly. The temp was about 40, so it didn't stick to anything, but it was very insane. This morning I didn't get up till 7:30 and it was already quite sunny and only 34 degrees. Still burning the furnace steadily and it's nearly May.

The dogwoods are so pretty this year. My apple tree was covered with blossoms yesterday, wonder if the freeze nuked it. Lots of bright pink azaleas are blooming all over motown. LUckily I remembered to bring in my hanging baskets last night.

Cheatfest this weekend, yee ha. It's a twanger, all old time and bluegrass, but it'll still be fun. If it's not too cold or rainy Friday night, Liv and I will probably camp. Since I'm not playing, I have to 'neak my truck in Friday night while helping Gail set up her vending tent.

I'm doing a 14 day free trial of Rhapsody, RealPlayer's digital music service. It's not a downloading thing, though, surprisingly. It's strictly a streaming thing. $10/mo. You can burn songs to CD, but you pay extra fees for that (they don't seem to tell you anywhere how much it is, it might vary per song). So far I'm fairly impressed with the catalog. They have Tommy Bolin, no the Teaser album unfortunately, but Private Eyes. They have pretty much Bruce Cockburn and Joni Mitchell, too. Not everything. I have a sound recording program that captures anything from your sound card, so . . .

Car accidents galore lately, it seems. Yesterday I sat on the Grafton road for a while, then passed a Blazer rolled onto it's roof. Apparently the driver cruised right up the steep bank toward someone's driveway on the S-curves near Mon Doit, and caught air and landed upside down. Might have pulled a dead guy out of that one.

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Thunder Snow Storm!