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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Weird Vivid Dream
Listening to:Let It Fall by Nickel Creek w/Glen Phillips
Reading:still Speaker
Weather:40, rainy
last night. I had just bought this gigantic old house, which was dusty and loaded with various and sundry shit from old owners, squatters, and neighbors. There was a huge swimming pool in this indoor/outdoor area. One set of neighbors came over to say hi. They looked familiar. First a young brunette woman carrying a cute red-headed freckled little girl about 2, and holding the hand of an adorable 4 or 5 year old red-headed boy showed up at the door. She looked vaguely familiar. Then her husband showed up, he was very familiar and gave me a hug like he knew me, but I couldn't exactly place him. I thought maybe we used to party and play music when I was in college or something.

The house was on a hillside, and though it was only one-story, it was kinda terraced in the hillside, so you had to step down one or two steps to go down to the next level a few times. The scene was mostly grays and browns, like a Mad Max movie or Waterworld or Escape from New York. Very large rooms with eclectic old furniture, some old and fucked up, some pretty cool. I just kept walking around inside and outside, seeing all these cool possibilities. But the roof leaked bad on one end, and I wasn't sure how to take care of a swimming pool. All very interesting.

Time to pay my homeowner's insurance, dang, it went up about 15%. The insurance companies are making us all pay for 9-11. Fuckers.

Snoop doggy dog, I got my old harddrive into my new puter, and life is dandy. It's totally not a permanent thing, for one, I want to rebuild the old puter for liv, and for another, it's totally rigged laying crooked and not secured in the new box. The new box is such a tight bitch for trying to work in. The 40 pin connectors on the ribbon cable for the harddrives are like one lousy inch apart, literally. Pretty much limits where you're going to wedge this extra drive. So I tried to network the two puters together for about an hour, no luck. The old one is Win98, but the biggest obstacle was the fact that I only have one monitor. So I rigged up the old puter to an old 13 inch TV, so the resolution was VERY low, and I could barely read anything. It kept saying shit was restricted, so I gave up.

Anywho, all my old data is accessible now, most of my necessary applications have been installed in the new box, and it's smoooooooth sailing.

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Weird Vivid Dream