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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Listening to:Jeff Beck, Cause We've Ended as Lovers
Reading:Snow Crash
Weather:30, sunny
Liv and I headed out to cheatfest Saturday morning around 9:15 to take Dan's EZup to Gail. Our truck was loaded with camping stuff, but we were open to the possibility of coming home if the weather wasn't sufficiently campy.

Lovely day. We set up the monster tarp (40') between 3 trees and my truck, with the bed of the truck completely under the tarp. Also hung up my tiedye mandala sheet, no reason not to fly the freak flag. Perfect. The only thing we forgot was the propane. But there was righteous food (sushi!) and we had sandwiches and whatnot, so no worries. We both bought last year's teeshirts for half price, such kickass shoppers. The fest was fun. The music was all twang all the time, which isn't my favorite flavor, but seeing all the groovesters was fun. Weather was splendid, one thunderstorm which dumped quite a bit of rain, but it wouldn't be Cheatfest without that. And I was safely in Gail's booth, holding the beautiful baby Benjamin (Robert and Leslie's 10 week old), so it didn't dampen my day at all. After the rain it cooled off nicely.

Larry got utterly trashed by about 5pm. I found him on the lawn, showed him where our campsite was, and he proceeded to lean against my truck for hours speaking in tongues. Olivia was a bit spooked by it. Eventually we decided to crash, and Liv said "what are we going to do with Dad"? "Uh, nothing?" Not a satisfying answer for her. It was getting a bit cold, and she was worried about him. So we walked him over to his truck, which was in the lot all the way at the river. He could barely walk. We put him in his truck, and there he slept. She was worried he'd wake up and go in the river. He didn't, we checked on him in the morning before we broke camp. Loser. Good lesson for liv, though one she doesn't want to learn again.

Sunday I crashed all afternoon. Love sundays. Only minor annoyance was the phone ringing. Unfortunately I have a client who calls me at home, and I had another work related call, both of which I let the machine handle.

Yesterday I did a presentation on DV in Later Life for the DV and Faith Communities conference in Flatwoods. The best part was getting to listen to Snow Crash on the way down and back. Damn, this book rocks! Starts out rocking, as the Cosa Nostra Pizza Deliverator is about to miss his 30 minute mark, but the skating courier who 'pooned his car saves the day.

Gorgeous day on tap for today. Sweet!

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