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Monday, May 24, 2004
like a night out of a Tennessee Williams play
It's been hot and steamy round here. 'lectric back on. My frig stinks.

Made a couple of new pages for liv's softball team, the schedule and a few photos from the first (victorious!) game. She's been playing for the same coach with many of the same girls for 7 years, and most of those seasons have had many more in the L column than the W. This year the other teams look pretty much comparable, especially in the pitching department, which kinda makes or breaks the team. I'm just hoping she continues to have fun, it seems to get a little more competitive every year.

Liv's new short(er) haircut looks mahvelous.

New baby for the Sitlers! My Oktoberfest pals George and Lara had another bambino, a third girl, Anna Linea (sp?). One of her little lungs collapsed so they had a frightful beginning, but she's doing swell now, can't wait to see her. O'fest set for October 9.

'bout time for some swimming at Fortney's Mill!

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like a night out of a Tennessee Williams play