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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Meanwhile Back in the Year One
Listening to:Jethro Tull, Skating Away
Weather:73, mostly sunny
Weekend, yeah, baby! Got to enjoy trips to Moorefield and Parkersburg for work this week. My presentations both went well. Nice weather for the drives. I did get a little grossed out by the little piles of red raw meat dotting Route 50 West, but the turkey vultures and crows didn't seem to mind. I saw a couple of hawks along the way to p'burg, too. But the getting there was a little rough.

I really had to pee those 2 bottle of water, but 50 is desolate out there, so I figured I'd stop right where you can get on 77 just as you reach p'burg at the gas station or fast food joint there. WRONG! They've torn up the road, taken out all that stuff on the right hand side, and put in a divided 4 lane through there. Hmm. Bummer. Then I also had to figure out what "exit" to take, whereas before it was just a little two lane, you pulled off directly wherever you wanted. Well, I'm heading across the river into Ohio if I don't take this one, so this one it is. I drive in a few circles (plenty of one-ways), trying to reach behind me to find the directions (which I'd planned to get out at the pee break). I took the wrong exit, but I'm in the vicinity, so I'll wing it. Wing, I'm there.

How about this interesting concept I pulled out of Snowcrash: Why is it that though generally culturally we are homogenizing, but language tends to keep splintering into more and more dialects?

Last night was beer night!! The best yet, we gathered on Dan's porch, he laid out a righteous spread of beers, Southern Comfort for Gail, veggies, dips, and delectable barbecued chicken. Spectacular. I had to duck out early to take liv to her first softball practice of the season. First game next weekend!! There are lots of new kids on the team. Time to get the car into summer mode: chair, book, hat, sunscreen in the trunk at all times.

Lar and Spring are in GA watching Summer graduate from college. They come home today. Liv and I have plenty on tap for today, not sure yet which we'll tackle, but the possibilities include: shop for new glove and cleats, go see a play at MTC at 3, get liv's ears a few more pierces, get her haircut, build and publish a webpage w/liv's softball schedule (hopefully my first CSS attempt), go to the drive-in to see Van Helsing tonight, see dhruva at the Blue Moose.

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Meanwhile Back in the Year One