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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Power-free Living
Listening to:the movie Bedazzled
Weather:hot, like 90, sunny
Wicked thunderstorms for a few days finally wiped out some bit of the grid providing electricity to my house. Last night around 8:30, after a grueling week at work (liv chipped her tooth, staff atty out on vacation, summer law student's first week, travel, etc.), the sky ripped out some raging thunder, lightning, and high winds, and after about 4 flickers, the power never came back on. Still hasn't. THey say hopefully by tomorrow midnight. Poor liv, she can't handle it, no mindless electronic entertainment.

But I'm kinda enjoying it. I've got my 2-burner campstove, a camp shower, and I stuck a bag of ice in my freezer. I'll be a'ight.

Liv was so bored, she asked me to cut her hair, so I hacked off about 6 inches or so. It looks great, pictures soon.

First softball game of the season tonight. Liv is playing catcher, much to my chagrin. I'm afraid she'll get whacked with the ball or a bat, plus the gear is really heavy and hot. Anywho, it's her thing, go girl.

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Power-free Living