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Saturday, May 08, 2004
Slammin Mother's Day Eve
Listening to:Sam Bush, Glamour & Grits
Reading:Snowcrash, which kicks ass
Weather:80, partly cloudy, also kickass
Even though some loud military helicopter just flew very low over my house, this is a smashing day. I flipped him off, hope he saw.

There are a few people I know here in the metaverse whom I have never met in this other 'verse. One of those is siggimus. I can't remember how I stumbled into him, but I check his blog now and again. I think he's flavor of scandinavian, and I like his outlook, or at least what I can see from the blog's eye view. Anywho, long intro, I followed a link on his blog to one of those quizzy things that maps your political predilections on a matrix. Here's what it came up with for cat.

Plants! I planted several of the morning glories I had started from seed in a window boxy thing today on my kitchen porch. rocknroll. I also planted a storebought tomato plant in with my heirloom plant that I kept alive all winter, both in a big pot on the front porch. They both have flowers!!

CSS XHTML? Uh, I know how to throw a few tags around, mainly I learn from cool shit I see on other people's pages, view source, rip and personalize code, but I don't really understand the fundamentals, unfortunately. So is CSS the wave of the future, or XHTML? Are they the same thing? What are they?

Tomorrow my free 2 weeks of Rhapsody runs out. I believe I have gotten somebody's money's worth out of it.

Tonight I believe I'll head out to the Blue Moose to see Jim Truman and Billy Matheny.

PS Rummy, instead of demanding your immediate resignation for doing such a supremely shitty job as secretary of war, how bout we negotiate. You can stay, but in 6 months, you and your boss and the rest of your fascist cronies get the fuck out of the white house! Deal?

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Slammin Mother's Day Eve